Our Story

Hi, I'm Catherine!
I started LunarLove Design Co in my small Florida Apartment as a creative outlet during the pandemic. What was intended to be a fun past time with Polymer Clay, quickly escalated to a desire to learn how to build my own Clay Tools from home. I purchased my first 3D printer, second hand, off of Facebook Marketplace and after several hours of YouTube Tutorials and a few curse words, I FINALLY had a successfully printed clay cutter!
However, printing clay cutters and printing QUALITY clay cutters are two very different things. I quickly learned after opening my Etsy shop to the Clay community - that there was a big demand for quality cutters at affordable prices. Over the next couple months I worked on critiquing my designs and learning how to use Adobe Illustrator to create sharper blades and sturdier handles.
In 2021, I decided to make the leap and quit my corporate job to pursue designing maker tools and jewelry full-time. Since then, I have had the most fun adding lasered acrylics, silkscreens, and silicone molds to my list of creator tools! I now get the opportunity to teach Polymer Clay art worldwide through my YouTube channel and social medias. I don't think I will ever get tired of creating fun and new tools makers can use to expand their creativity and business pursuits.
Thank you for making LunarLove Design Co what she is today!!