Ikonart for Polymer Clay

Thinking of making the jump to creating your own Polymer Clay Silkscreens? Its easier than you think! Makers can enjoy 15% off Ikonart products with Coupon Code POLYCLAY15 . Stay tuned for tips and tricks on how to use this amazing product, as we will be launching a DIY Youtube Channel on all things Polymer Clay!

Polymer Clay and Silkscreen Example

 To purchase your Kit now or stock up on your favorite emulsion screens, please visit Ikonart, located here.



Rolling and Conditioning Polymer Clay

Properly conditioned clay is so important in ensuring quality baking conditions. Many clay beginners start off using an acrylic hand roller, and while effective, it doesn't take long before your hands begin to cramp. For smooth and perfect width clay every time, I like to use a Pasta Machine. There are so many clay machines on the market and they range in prices from $30-$1200. My favorite machine has been from an Italian company called MARCATO. I purchased mine on Amazon, I will include the direct link here. Feel free to do your research on various clay tools, for me the MARCATO 8342 Atlas Wide Pasta Roller (180mm) is what I use to create all of my earrings.