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Welcome to Clay Party Headquarters! Your one-stop resource and community for hosting Polymer Clay Party Workshops!

  • How to structure your Polymer Clay Workshop. The Do's and Dont's of a quality experience for your participants.

  • Tips and Tricks for marketing your Event. My tips and Tricks for event marketing WITHOUT paying for Facebook Ads.

  • How to break down content in an easy-to-learn manner for your guests. Avoid common hurdles by using my favorite exercises in workshops.

Program Contents

  • 24 Lessons
  • Instructional Videos
  • Downloadable PDFs and Content
  • Support in our Private Facebook Community
  • Wholesale Access & Supplier Discount Codes
  • 1:1 Coaching session when your ready to host your first Clay Event
  • Quarterly Webinars for Members
  • BONUS Content released EVERY month - One of the MOST VALUEABLE aspects of having this membership for a full Year!

  • Build your Network

    Learn how to network within your local community by offering private parties, team-building events, and local business collaborations.

  • Quarterly Webinars

    Stay up to date on your Polymer Clay, Workshop hosting, and Smart Business skills by learning with us and others LIVE.

  • New Content every Month

    New clay color recipes, class lesson examples and images, making it easy to plan content for your parties. Simply Print and Host! Members get access to use ANY of the digital materials in their courses.


Learn everything you need to know to start hosting your own Polymer Clay Parties successfully in your community. From marketing, to taking enrollments, to group instructions and more...this course will teach you how to lead a smooth clay party that participants are eager to come back to!


Take the guesswork out of deciding which earrings designs to offer in your course. All CPH Members get access to finished earring images and corresponding tutorials so you can simply upload the images you want to offer in your parties and print off for guest. No more time wasted making ‘demo’ examples before class - simply click' and print designs for your guest. Not sure how a specific earring is made? We have corresponding earring tutorials to show you EXACTLY how to make each design beforehand! Save Time and let Clay Party Headquarters do the heavy lifting for you.


It can be lonely when no one around you is going through what your experiencing. That's why we created the CPH Private Facebook Group for Party Hosts JUST LIKE YOU! Together we can share helpful ideas, answer questions, give feedback and more. You don't have to feel alone, we can navigate together.


Stand out against the competition by staying up-to-date with industry trends, business/marketing classes, advanced tutorials and more! As our Members evolve, so does the information being presented.  We've got BIG PLANS for our CPH Members and it doesn't just stop at Hosting Parties.

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Get access to all things Polymer Clay Workshops and join our community of makers just like YOU! Membership is valid for one (1) FULL YEAR and renews afterwards on a yearly basis. Feel free to cancel at any time.

Intro to Clay Parties Course Chapters

  • Intro to Polymer Clay Workshops
  • Supplies and Materials
  • Pricing your Workshop
  • Choosing your Location
  • Selecting Earring Designs
  • Set Up
  • Instructional Exercises
  • Marketing & Taking Registrations
  • Upselling Opportunities
  • Wholesale Access
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As a member, you receive several added benefits...

Wholesale Access

40% OFF All Products & LLDC Retailer

Materials and supplies can add up, so what better way to lead a workshop than getting wholesale rates on all your LLDC clay tools. In addition, as a Retail Seller you have access and permission to sell clay tools to your Workshop attendees.

1:1 Coaching Session

One FREE Zoom Session

Sometimes it's nice to know you have someone you can sit down with and bounce ideas off. I want to see you succeed! Before your first Workshop, I will meet with you for a one-on-one coaching conference to fill in any gaps or questions you might have. You will also have continuous access to our Facebook Group where others like you will be rooting for your success and sharing stories and tips & tricks of what has worked for them.

New Monthly Designs

FREE Content

Save time on creating content and promotional imagery for your workshops. New earring designs, color recipes, and lessons are released each month, saving you time and money on researching and creating monthly curriculum. Feel free to posts these images in your event details, as well as print offs for your class as examples.

+ Limited Time Offer


What are the perks of becoming a Member to Polymer Clay Parties?

As a Subscriber, you receive access to monthly clay color recipes, pre-designed marketing images, as well as continuous access to the Workshop Course and its document updates. You also receive WHOLESALE rates on all clay tools purchased on our website with your unique user discount code.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We would be sad to see you go, but you can absolutely cancel your annual subscription at anytime. Just keep in mind you must have an active membership to access course material, monthly clay recipes & images, and receive wholesale rates on supplies. Given the exclusive information and discount rates included in the course, we do not offer pro-rated refunds.

Are Workshops expensive to host?

One of the biggest perks of Polymer Clay Workshops is that they are generally low cost once you have the essential supplies. Most of your expenses will be done upfront (rollers, tools, pasta machine) and will be used repeatedly afterwards going forward. Generally speaking, it cost about $5 in non-renewable expenses for a Guest to make 3-pairs of earrings. So once you've paid off your supplies, generally from your first workshop, every class going forward is almost solely PROFIT!

Do I need a Craft Studio?

No! Although this is a GREAT resource for Craft Studios, I will teach you how to network and secure locations for your clay parties.

Why is the course a yearly subscription?

Our decision to offer a yearly subscription model is rooted in our commitment to providing a flexible, comprehensive, and continuously evolving learning experience. It's designed to cater to diverse learning styles, ensure ongoing support, and provide added value beyond just the course content. A yearly subscription allows learners to progress through the course content at their preferred pace. Not everyone learns at the same speed, and having a year-long subscription ensures that individuals can absorb the material thoroughly without feeling rushed. Subscribers benefit from continuous updates, new modules, twelve months of wholesale access, additional resources, and the latest Polymer Clay insights throughout the year.